Farming without tractors? No way!

John Deere is a popular brand of tractor.

John Deere is a popular brand of tractor.

By Elizabeth Woods

In 1972 Merle Ash got his first brand new John Deere tractor.

With two-wheel drive, eight forward gears, two reverse gears, and 54 horse power, his tractor still runs to this day and helps with everyday farming needs. The tractor came with a bucket, it can pull a mower, bailer, and a rake for hay, the tractor also has a loader to move hay around to feed cattle.

“One tractor for all things I need, very good to have, a necessity,” Merle said.

Modern-day farms would not be complete without modern-day machinery. Tractors are a very important to every farmer, what with crops and food in such a high demand. Farmers need to have a way to produce crops in a larger quantity.

“Cause people like to eat. America likes to eat,” Merle said.

Tractors are used for plowing, tilling, disking, narrowing, planting, and other agricultural uses. Tractors are to get more work done in a shorter amount of time in larger areas.

In 1892, John Froelich made the first gasoline/petrol-powered tractor in Clayton County, Iowa.  Before tractors farmers had to plant and grow crops by hand or had to use oxen for tilling. Over a hundred years later, there are different varieties of tractors and different brands. Four types of tractors are most commonly used: Compact utility tractors, utility tractors, and specialty tractors which are customized to the uses you need them for.

As machinery got bigger farms got bigger, farmers work all day long trying to make money off of crops and animals. If we didn’t have as many farmers as we do now normal everyday people would have to grow their own crops and also work their jobs in the city. With the help of Tractors those farmers help produce more food for everyone so the average citizens can eat. If farmers didn’t have tractors one days of work could take up to a couple days.

Merle said there are many dangers to owning a tractor, 500 to 600 people die each year to a farm tractor accident. While using a tractor you should already remember to wear your seat belt if they are provided, make sure people are a safe distance away, don’t attempt any really steep slopes, when repairing a tractor make sure it is off and secure so it doesn’t roll anywhere, don’t just stick your hand in any foreign part, if they are on uneven ground they can flip over easy.

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