MC assistant director listens well, gives good advice, loves school

Cindy Wilson is the center of the Middle College kaleidoscope.

Assistant Director Cindy Wilson is the center of the Middle College kaleidoscope.

By Alannah Whitney

One day Natasha Tharp went into Cindy Wilson’s, Middle College Assistant Director, because of her high blood pressure. Ms. Wilson gave her some peanut butter crackers. “Hopefully those will make you feel better,” she said.

Cindy Wilson is great at her job because she is such a good listener and helper. She is always there for you if you need anything. She will try and do whatever she can to help you out.

Students who are having a rough time or day go to Ms. Wilson. She gives the best advice. She actually puts herself in their shoes and tells them reasonable answers.

Cindy Wilson grew up in Mountain View, Missouri. It had a population of around 1,200 people. She graduated with a class of 72.

“Even though at times it seemed like everyone was in your business… if you ever needed anything… everyone would rally together to help you out,” said Cindy. She loved growing up there and would really enjoy going there to visit. “Each time I go back, it is like I was never away.”

Ms. Wilson was inspired by her psychology teacher, Mr. Swanson, in high school.

“Mr. Swanson had a way of bringing out the best in each one of his students and genuinely cared about each and every one of us and what was going on in our lives,” she said.

As a teenager, Cindy loved school! She participated in multiple organizations and sports. She was a cheerleader, ran track, played on the boys’ varsity baseball team. Drama club, art club, FCLA, and candy striping were also clubs she was in. She enjoyed playing the flute and oboe in the school band. Believe it or not, she even participated into a couple pageants. She was crowned the local Miss Merry Christmas and was a finalist in Miss Missouri teen pageant in Kansas City, MO.

Cindy has two daughters, Cassie and Katie.

“Both blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties, who are the delights of my life. Both are very intelligent and funny. Definitely they are the two best things I have ever done,” she said.

She also has a husband, Kevin. They have been married for almost three years now.

“Best decision I ever made,” she said.

They love riding bicycles, motorcycles, watching NASCAR, teaching classes at their church, hiking, antique shopping, and making each other laugh.

In the future, it would be her ultimate dream-come-true to be able to retire somewhere that has beautiful beaches. She absolutely loves the beach.

“How cool would it be,” she said, “to not have to worry about anything except how much sunscreen to put on, which flip flops to wear, and which umbrella to sit under each day?”

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